When there is no time to study the internals of the engine

KoCloud - it is not the component or some part of your system, but a complete solution, the architecture of your project. It's like a processor for device. One can risk it all using some shady chip or rely on Intel and get a stable brilliant solution.


SDK, high-level API for your customers and tools for developers. A high-level definition and description of the data model, using the Code First methodology


Modern full-duplex Web Service

Great variety of IoT devices

It's ready and unified solution for mobile clients, web projects, desktop applications, as well as your IoT devices


There are many solutions for developing Internet of things, most common is a combination of the CPU or MCU with communication module, or so-called gateways IT. All this implies creating, debugging not easy hardware, communication protocol development, authentication etc., building architecture and interaction with the backend. All this can be done – if you high-end team of engineers in electronics and software. But what if you want to update or add functionality? Update version of the protocol, change the firmware and software.

But all this can be replaced by a single chip (SoC), which will be implemented all inside. Communication, the hardware implementation of the protocol to communicate with the cloud, hardware mapping data on the internal registers, memory or external interfaces directly to cloud.

Kocloud SoC. Basic features

Hardware mapping

of high-level definition data model from Kocloud to Hardware registers and GPIO.


full duplex communication through WiFi, Bluetooth, 3g/4g, Ethernet (with PHY separate chip).

Automatic firmware

updates from Kocloud.

Easy creation and update

of data model in cloud with realtime synchronization with hardware.

Hardware ID

for each chip with Kocloud authentication, authorization and encryption as an option.

Kocloud components
Kocloud novadays
Kocloud based projects
Kocloud is

Not the component or part of system, but a complete solution.

The architecture of your project.

Quick development and model update.

Productive and scalable.

Looking forward to future.