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Years in Stakhanov

Early products

The first commercial order of the company Kodisoft can be traced to the time, when its founder, Dmitry Kostik, wrote a bookkeeping program for TV and radio workshop in the town of Stakhanov, where he was purchasing materials in 2001. This small accounting system, which sold for $300, allowed this first-time entrepreneur to realize that his development in IT could not only be fun but also make money.

The next step in formation of the company became the acquisition of a development team. At that time Artyom Vilmakin and Roman Sirota joined Kodisoft. Together they started to seek and fulfill different orders. Then, their biggest project was the restoration of the electronics in machines which apply portraits on marble. The company managed to earn several thousand dollars for this order.

After this, the town administration in Stakhanov made Kodisoft an offer to restore the central clock tower which had not worked for 15 years. Their next venture was another program for the remote control of traffic lights and transport system of three cities.

Moving to Kiev

Rapid growth of the company

After moving to Kiev in 2003, the company started to grow rapidly, to attract new employees, becoming a big outsourcing company in Ukraine. Kodisoft was receiving orders from different freelance sites and satisfied customers, who were referring them to others. By the year 2004, more than 50 people worked in the team.

The company reached its top in development in the current arena and decided to change business activities. They decided to leave the area of outsourcing and to return to the creation of their own products. In a short time the main core of the team, which includes the committee heads and directors, was selected. Stas Kostik became the head of product design and the main strategist for all design decisions of Kodisoft Company.

Regeneration of the company

First products and “new” Kodisoft

In the year 2005, the company began new life by changing its name from Intellect Systems to Kodisoft, our current name. This was done to commemorate the change of the company’s activities and to adapt its title for Western colleagues.

The first major development was the device for Bluetooth-marketing – IDBM (Intellect Device Bluetooth Marketing). The company decided to create the first channel of communication with a customer. This was like a breath of fresh air in the advertising industry. Now companies could reach their potential customers directly from their mobile phones. There were no such devices available on the market at that time. The devices were produced in Taiwan and the sale was conducted through retail partners. For 1.5 years the biggest network of Bluetooth devices in the world was built. Now Kodisoft has 12 partners in Bluetooth-devices. Devices operate in England, Spain, France, Germany, Holland, Poland, Malta, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Australia, Egypt, Dubai, United States, and Canada.

After such success, the company didn’t want to rest on their success so they decided to continue developing in the area of advertising and marketing. The second significant project was a Kolight system, which was an interactive instrument for emotional advertising. This system made it possible to capture and record any movements of people with the help of special sensors and to respond to them.

For example, Kodisoft created the interactive Coca-Cola museum at the commission of «Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine». This decision turned out to be the creative force that allowed this very museum to hold the leadership among all Coca-Cola museums in more than 200 countries at that time. As it was with the previous project, IDBM, the main buyers of Kolight were foreign customers.

Growth of the company

The emergence of cloud technologies
Changeover to R&D

Along with the Kolight, two very important cloud products appeared in the arsenal of Kodisoft - KoCloud and mCloud. KoCloud became the building block for all modern products of the company. This high-level backend allows you to build hardware and software solutions.

The product mcloud was launched to utilize our accumulated experience in marketing. Colleges who wanted to share their knowledge with the company also participated. As a result, Kodisoft in cooperation with its partners created a fully-featured tool for small and medium business, which combines tools for conducting marketing communications and knowledge management. Kodisoft became the world-class expert in the field, and the industrial standard in the area.

This period also became significant for the company due to a clear focus on R&D. The company decided to do the things which could make significant breakthroughs in the industries. The team, as well as the company, was already prepared to make such steps. In 2010 three directions were chosen from which work continues to this day. Each of these directions will present the world with a number of products which will make quantum leaps in the industry. (More detailed information can be read in the R&D section).

Breakthrough in the
restaurant industry

Appearance of Interactive Restaurant Technology

After three years of research in the restaurant and catering fields, the Kodisoft team released the product of interactive restaurant - IRT (Interactive Restaurant Technology). Starting with the development of interactive tables, they managed to create not only a multi-touch table but also a complete concept of an interactive restaurant. This includes elements of interaction with customers and a system of the “smart” restaurant. This laid the foundation for new eating and drinking culture.

The first restaurant was opened in Cyprus at the end of 2012. The project turned out to be so successful that in just half a year Kodisoft maaged to return all investments in the restaurant.

In August 2013 the second restaurant opened in Dubai, using a new version of the software. Kodisoft is planning to designate the Interactive Restaurant Technology as a separate company, for which an IPO is planned.