First time in Baltic region: IT Resto opens smart restaurant in Tallinn

Traditional food has never been so innovative! The 120-seat-restaurant at T1 Mall of Tallinn offers family-style food combined with a unique experience powered by Kodisoft’s high-end smart technology by Kodisoft to offer fast, convenient and interactive ordering.

“We use a smart-table technology that makes ordering fast, convenient and interactive. While ordering, you can enjoy the interaction with the smart table – surf the web, go virtual shopping, play games, or just enjoy your social activities literally under your fingers. We will offer specialty selections including lighter options and smaller portions for a children’s menu. A range of locally crafted beers and wines from every part of the world will add a special note to the site!” – IT Resto

We are proud to open this Interactive restaurant in T1 Mall which has a potential to become an iconic destination for Tallinn citizens. Kodisoft’s leading interactive technology especially shines in high-traffic places with high tenant diversity.

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Saturday, March 2, 2019