Next big thing will come from the new places

A digital revolution is coming to the traditional hospitality and foodservice industry – never before could the ordinary table do such extraordinary things!

Kodisoft’s world-leading interactive smart table and touch sensor technology was developed by young tech genius Dmytro Kostyk (known as the “Ukrainian Steve Jobs”) and this amazing invention has already been championed by partnering companies like Microsoft and Intel. With 4 million consumers using the platform already, Kodisoft is disrupting unchanged practices in restaurants and offering a much more lucrative business model for operators.

But this is just the start – this emerging Internet of Things company has an eye to revolutionizing industries such as education, health care, retail, business productivity and eventually, even at-home consumption. Technology leaders have compared the development of smart table and touch display industry to the early days of the Personal Computer (PC) market!

Come see history in the making and meet the next generation of disruptive entrepreneurs from January 22-26 2018 at Ukrainian House Davos. Try the interactive smart table for yourself and see the high tech restaurant of the future!

Ukrainian House, Promenade 73, Davos

Tuesday, November 28, 2017