IT debate. R&D vs. Outsourcing

'Ukraine as a creator of high technology in the world'. When it comes to the development of a long term perspective in inner policy, especially in crucial periods, it’s all about open-minded professionals who unite to share their vision and find synergy. Since Ukraine is considered to be one of the European leaders in IT services, this sphere has significantly influenced establishment of the social and economic life of our country. For this reason, the most progressive representatives of industry gathered to discuss ways of further development of industry and Ukraine.

Dmytro Kostyk, CEO and Founder at Kodisoft, as the convinced ambassador of the product future for Ukrainian IT, spoke at a debate for Ukraine as a country with great resources that must be directed into the development of its own product and was supported by leading entrepreneurs of education, IT and public activities. His opponent, Roman Khmil, - former Vice President of Ciklum, insisted on the role of European and the rest of the world's resource appendix for Ukraine, obviously supported by outsourcing companies only.

Moderated by Victor Galasyuk, President of Innovative Performances at BIONIC Hill Park, these debates led to a clear view that the unbalanced favor of outsourcing is about to change.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014